Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from last week

1. 5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Disrupt Your Business

Technology has been changing business faster than ever before, and only until a few years ago social media was ignored by anyone who wasn’t a teenager. Now that social has become such a powerful tool and apps are redefining business there are 5 major digital marketing trends that could disrupt your business so make sure not to ignore them! – via jeffbullas.

2. Pinterest Now Seeing 2 Billion Searches Per Month – How Pinterest Search Works

Pinterest is a visual app that is considered to be ‘a catalog of ideas’. But for businesses to maximize consumer interest it is important for them to understand how Pinterest works instead of treating this platform with the same logic as Google. Pinterest searches differ from common searches by providing people with similar ideas and themes as their original search. By learning the works of Pinterest you will be able to engage and get involved with the community and understand your audiences behavior and interests. – via Andrew Hutchinson in socialmediatoday.

3. 5 Hidden Content Marketing Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Content marketing is a great way to create more traffic to your website = more email subscribers. The more email subscribers = more sales which in turn means more $$. Although there are 5 hidden benefits of content marketing that go beyond more subscribers that could actually be helping your brand more than you think. – via Iniobong Eyo in jeffbullas.

4. 5 Ways to Optimize a Small Marketing Budget

After the economic downturn of 2008, there was a crucial lesson learned from many brands - don’t stop promoting your business! Even when resources are low it is very important to keep your brand in the spotlight. By using these 5 tips, your brand can be smart and make the most of your small marketing budget. – via wordstream.

5. 5 Steps to Creating a Great Brand Identity (and Why That’s Important)

By having a strong and clear brand identity your brand can increase recognition, build loyalty, differntiate yourself from competitors, convey your business’s quality and service, and influence your customers buying decisions. By following these 5 steps your brand can create an effective brand identity and convey your brands qualities into your marketing. – via Umar Bajwa in socialmediatoday.

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Posted by Sheena