Last week, LiftMetrix launched our latest blog series to recap our recent webinar: “Is Social Driving Your Business Objectives?” The first post in the series addressed how conversion on site should be the main focus for brands, and this conversion can manifest itself in many forms. We then dove into examples of how the Media Publishing industry is creating social campaigns on Facebook to drive business objectives. The full post which highlights The Huffington Post and The New York Times can be viewed by clicking here.

In this series’ second post, we will analyze how retailers have successfully driven business objectives through their social strategies, particularly on Instagram. In the webinar, we featured Kohl’s and Burlington Coat Factory.

Many of Kohl’s top performing Instagram posts showcase their products with captions driving their users to click the link in the bio and shop for the products. The link in the bio then leads to like2b.uy which has a repository of all of Kohl’s Instagram posts with the ability to click on any of the products featured in that photo. When any of these products are clicked, the user is redirected to the webpage for that product on the Kohl’s website.

Below is an example of one of Kohl’s product pages, which boasts several different ways that the retailer has optimized their social content and site to drive conversions and key business objectives: purchases through their Add to Bag button, links to apply for a My Kohl’s Charge card at the bottom and top of their page to increase sign ups, links to products that customers also search for to increase page views, and links to their mobile app to increase downloads.

Like Kohl’s, Burlington Coat Factory’s top Instagram posts also showcased their products. Burlington Coat Factory puts a heavy focus on user-generated content, which makes their content more relatable and increases loyalty among their followers. However, none of Burlington Coat Factory’s post captions drove users to click the link in their bio, which shows that the retailers is missing out on an opportunity to drive users back to their site which is already optimized to capture purchases, page views and newsletter subscriptions.

The next post in this blog series which will show how QSRs are utilizing Pinterest to drive business objectives. In the meantime, you can download the “Is Social Driving Your Business Objectives?” presentation by clicking here, or you can view the presentation recording by clicking here. The first post in the series can be viewed by clicking here.

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Posted by Kara