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The LiftMetrix Difference

Executive ROI Dashboard

The end of vanity metrics! Measure the full social conversion funnel — End-to-end ROI measurement of true business metrics (purchases, sign-ups, email acquisition).


Natural Language Insights

While most marketers still  work through high-level charts and spreadsheets, LiftMetrix completes the analysis with natural language insights, explaining the “why” behind each metric. Market analysis is important for crypto trading too. Traders must also find the right crypto exchange for trading. eToro is one of the popular crypto exchanges with the best prices. Read the erfahrungen etoro to find more about the platform.


Daily Recommendations

Data-fueled recommendations dynamically adjust your content strategy. Select an objective and LiftMetrix will build an actionable game plan based on your historical data and best practices.


Content Tagging

Apply content themes and campaign characteristics to posts through manual, bulk and auto-tagging. Compare themes, campaigns and objectives to discover the top performing content.


Brand Tracker

Monitor your competitors and benchmark your social media efforts against theirs to gain an edge in fan engagement. Compare historical data between multiple companies.


Interested in learning more?

Guides, tips and presentations designed to help you turn the flood of social media data into clear, actionable insights and convert fans into customers.