On January 19th, LiftMetrix will be presenting the webinar: “2016 in Review and Social Trends for 2017“. We pulled together a sneak peek into the presentation below.

2016 was a transformative year for the social world as new types of social content changed the way marketers approached their social strategies. The dependency on social marketing to accomplish business objectives proved to be essential this past year as brands increased their presence on all social platforms.

The largest trend we saw this past year was an increase in social marketing to drive business objectives. There are several business objectives across industries that can be mapped back to social, i.e. page views, email sign-ups, downloads, purchases, etc.

Successful social practices in 2016 to optimize business objectives included the use of live video, user generated content and infographics. These practices helped to create content with higher engagements and meaningful leads. The key component in this top content that we saw in our analyses time and time again was the use of links driving the user off of social and onto their site.

Brands’ social performances last year gave suggestions to the social trends we expect to see in the upcoming year. Some of the trends we expect to see include social selling and new roles that have emerged across social teams.

To receive more in-depth detail on the best practices of 2016 in industries like Retail and Media or to discover the projected trends for 2017, register for our upcoming webinar on January 19th by clicking here.
You can view the webinar presentation by clicking here and the recording by clicking 


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Posted by Morgan