Identifying and Comparing Against Competitors

When you are just getting started on social media it’s important to see what’s out there and who better to look at than your competitors. But you may be wondering, who are my competitors? Sometimes it’s trickier than you think when you aren’t a typical brand, such as Nike, and the hard part is typically identifying a competitor or even narrowing down what you do!

Keep in mind a competitor may not necessarily mean you are direct competition but you can learn from someone who has the same target audience or types of products. So now, think about the key things you do and who you do it for, then find brands or companies with the following in mind:

  • Similar product offerings
  • Same target audience (age groups, industry, B2B/B2C, gender, etc)
  • Do searches and monitor keywords that are included in your main business to identify others

Once you have your competitors identified it’s time to see what they are doing. You have a few options, you should start by finding and following all of their existing pages and taking a peek at what’s happening on their pages (we prefer to use our personal sites for this).

From there, you may spend quite a bit of time trying to find the types of content they are finding successful and any key themes they are using. Another option is to leverage us (LiftMetrix) to do the hard work for you, by simply popping in the Facebook page of those competitors and then we can pull their details from 7 social sites and do the analysis for you. We can provide recommendations and analysis on their types of content, what seems to be working, engagement rates, etc.

Any other things we forgot that you find useful when comparing against competitors? Comment below!

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