When it comes to E-commerce the goal of any digital marketing strategy should be to drive traffic, improve conversion rates, and sell products. The recent rise in popularity of social media websites, like Pinterest and Facebook, has provided online businesses a new and improved way to turn website traffic into sales. Pinterest is a social media platform that can no longer be ignored. Its staggering growth has made it a popular website for E-commerce companies to use for increased traffic and higher sales. For online businesses that are trying to use social media in the most effective way possible, there many ways to drive sales with Pinterest and take advantage of the free flow of converting traffic it can provide.

Many social media marketers are aware of how beneficial Pinterest is and have begun capitalize on it. The site is still in its infancy and has a lot more room to grow.  When it comes to targeted web traffic Pinterest is still virtually untapped. The first thing to remember in order to drive more sales with Pinterest is that the majority of users are already in a buying mindset and are simply browsing products looking for inspiration. With this in mind it’s important to have all products and services clearly displayed and optimized. Ideally optimized product and landing pages are highly converting and will encourage website visitors to share the content. Not only does this mean more sales are possible but the more that the content gets shared the more traffic can be driven to your website.

After optimizing the landing and product pages the next step is to improve general on-page SEO and make the e-commerce website and Pinterest page more user-friendly. When it comes to driving sales and attracting customers a variety of SEO methods must be used. Some effective methods include adding a detailed “About” section, using high quality images, and using the right targeted keywords in all content. Users will tend to visit your Pinterest page looking for high quality images and valuable information. By filling out the product and pin descriptions in detail random but relevant keywords will be targeted. Detailed descriptions also provide a lot of value to the visitor, which is great for SEO. Using all of these methods and techniques will increase the amount of web traffic reaching an e-commerce site and result in more sales. It’s suggested to use Google Analytics to track the habits of visitors to any website. Analytics will tell a Webmaster where the website traffic is from, how long any traffic is visiting a website, and whether or not it’s clicking your sales links.

Another feature of Pinterest that’s often overlooked, but can is often used to drive sales, is the level of customer interaction and engagement that the website provides. E-commerce companies are now provided with a forum to converse and build relationships with customers and the people interested in their products. Since each product will be listed with a high quality image it becomes a lot easier for online discussion to flourish and for e-commerce companies to participate. This is in stark contrast with social media websites like Facebook where it’s only possible to talk about one product or service at a time and where anything important will get pushed down the page. Customers that can get answers and interact with online businesses are more likely to purchase a product that company has for sale. With the current state of online sales it’s safe to say that e-commerce businesses are now competing on value rather than price and the more value you provide the customer the more sales will be made.

While Pinterest has already exceeded every other online social media platform when it comes to e-commerce sales, conversions, and targeted buying traffic the platform is still only beginning to grow. Pinterest has many years of expansion ahead and for now it remains a great market for e-commerce businesses to expand into.  Using Pinterest to gain website traffic and drive sales is one of the most important factors of sustainable long-term growth and for e-commerce businesses this is the key to success.

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