Social Intelligence Informs Strategy

Social Media Intelligence is obtained through monitoring how consumers think and behave and use their knowledge and perceptions to guide your strategy. While it’s vital to access to this data and align social media efforts to business objectives, it is not done by all social media professionals. Wouldn’t it be great if you could outpace your peers with your own custom social media plan?

Stay Informed with Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence helps you identify what is going on behind the scenes through your social media channels and take action based on real data.  Monitor social chatter and analyze trends in engagement and then view our recommendations to see how you can respond to these trends.  Our social media intelligence tools include Content Insights, Paid Media Insights, and Explanations.

Social Media Intelligence Enables You To:

  • Apply meaning to fluctuations in social engagement
  • Identify successes and fails within your current strategy
  • Explain how your strategy affects business objectives

Social Media Intelligence provides transparency and clarity of the engagement trends on your social media channels. Written in natural language, now you can apply meaning to our recommendations tool. In minutes, you can transform your social data and analytics into actionable business intelligence.  So, what are you waiting for?

Social Media Intelligence
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Webinar: Ultimate ROI
Guide to Social Media

Graham Gullans, Co-Founder of LiftMetrix, was recently featured during “Connect Via Hootsuite” alongside Ron Grant, Former COO of AOL. Watch their webinar, “The Ultimate Guide to Measure Social ROI” and learn how to view social media through a business lens. Your business will benefit from building a culture of data transparency and understanding how to use qualitative data  to guide strategy.