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Our Social Media Insights tool summarizes the meaning behind the performance of all of your social channels. Insights answer why posts or ads are more effective in driving engagement during a specified time period. This tool helps social professionals use past success to guide future strategy.

Stay Informed with Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights helps you identify what is going on behind the scenes through your social media channels and inform your decisions.  Monitor social chatter, analyze trends and pinpoint why you’re reaching more people than usual.  Now you can clarify why you’re getting more engagement than usual and use content successes to tweak your strategy over time.

Social Media Insights Let You:

  • Apply meaning to fluctuations in social engagement
  • Align content types and tags with boosts in engagement
  • Explain why click and media consumption are above or below average

Social Media Insights use data to extract meaning and make sense of trends in your social analytics. Analysis that used to take hours can be explained to you in one click. In minutes, you can transform your social data and analytics into actionable business intelligence.  So, what are you waiting for?

Social Media Insights
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Webinar: Ultimate ROI
Guide to Social Media

Graham Gullans, Co-Founder of LiftMetrix, was recently featured during “Connect Via Hootsuite” alongside Ron Grant, Former COO of AOL. Watch their webinar, “The Ultimate Guide to Measure Social ROI” and learn how to view social media through a business lens. Your business will benefit from building a culture of data transparency and understanding how to use qualitative data  to guide strategy.