Our Recommendations equip you with an action plan to respond to social media trends and valuable data points. It’s your social media data that informs our recommendations tool, so you can be sure that every recommendation is geared specifically for success on your branded social channels.

Improve Performance with Social Recommendations

Social Media Recommendations

Social Media Recommendations provide clear and actionable ways that you can optimize your posts for the greatest ROI.  They are based on historical data and trends pulled directly from your social channels, so you know they determine the best way for your brand to achieve success.  .

Social Media Recommendations Specify:

  • Organic Social Recommendations:
    Targeted date, time, length of post, content type, content tags
  • Paid Social Recommendations:
    Targeted ad spend, ad length, ad content, CPC, CPM, CPI, CPF

Social Media Recommendations are constantly updated in real time using thousands of data points found within your social media analytics so you can respond quickly and efficiently. In minutes, you can transform your social data and analytics into actionable business intelligence.  So, what are you waiting for?

Social Media Recommendations
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Webinar: Ultimate ROI
Guide to Social Media

Graham Gullans, Co-Founder of LiftMetrix, was recently featured during “Connect Via Hootsuite” alongside Ron Grant, Former COO of AOL. Watch their webinar, “The Ultimate Guide to Measure Social ROI” and learn how to view social media through a business lens. Your business will benefit from building a culture of data transparency and understanding how to use qualitative data  to guide strategy.