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How much social activity is generated from your content? Track the performance of your content from a social sharing perspective and understand exactly how much a specific social campaign contributed to the overall social lift score.

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Social Media Lift Score

As a social media professional, you want your content to influence as many people as possible and understand just how far a piece of content was able to spread on social networks. Your Social Lift Score displays the ultimate measure of social success: the amount of social activity generated from your content.

Your Social Media Lift Score Enables You To:

  • Track social activity for each piece of content
  • Adjust content strategy based on ability to engage
  • Perfect and differentiate content strategy by social platform
  • Quantify the size of your entire audience on all social platforms

It’s important for social marketers to monitor this metric to highlight their most successful campaigns, replicate that success for future campaigns and to know how a campaign contributed to the overall spread of a social audience. In minutes, you can transform your social data and analytics into actionable business intelligence.  So, what are you waiting for?

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Graham Gullans, Co-Founder of LiftMetrix, was recently featured during “Connect Via Hootsuite” alongside Ron Grant, Former COO of AOL. Watch their webinar, “The Ultimate Guide to Measure Social ROI” and learn how to view social media through a business lens. Your business will benefit from building a culture of data transparency and understanding how to use qualitative data  to guide strategy.