There are some amazing, brilliant and funny people in this world and the majority of them are on Twitter (how times have changed). We know you’re on twitter and so are we, but twitter is only as good as the accounts you follow.

We’re sure you’ve come across tons of lists telling you to follow various handles for different reasons but we thought we’d give you another one that combines them all into one categorized list. We even had a bit of fun with the category titles :)

Social Media Ninjas: Because we specialize in #SocialROI, we thought we’d kick things off with the top influencers in social media marketing.

@jeffbullas A constant flow of tweets about social media, blogging and everything digital providing tons of great knowledge.

@ScottMonty Social guru. enough said.

@Mike_Stelzner Tweets like a madman, and constantly shares high-quality advice from his podcasts, blogs, and conferences. (Founder @smexaminer, pretty great to follow also)

@MarkwSchaefer He’s the author of Social Media Explained, among other quality marketing books.

@PamDyer One of Forbes’s Top 50 Social Media Influencers and one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Power Influencers, she shares a ton of knowledge on the subject.

@Pammktgnut Marketing Nut and proud of it.

@DavePeck Global Head of Digital & Social Media at@PayPal, he tweets awesome, helpful content from all over the web on a regular basis.

@MariSmith Globetrotting social maven tweeting her own tips along with articles across the industry.

@AnnTran_ Top social media influencer that also shares a bit of luxury travel and other fun tweets.

@HootSuite As a popular social tool they tweet engaging content for small to large business and provide tons of great industry specific advice and analytics.

@JasonFalls Digital strategist with a special knack for social marketing, which he demonstrates in his writing, speaking, consulting, and big-brand campaigns.

@AmyPorterfield Between her podcasts, webinar, blog posts, and awesome tweets, there’s no shortage of social knowledge to go around.

@SocialMedia2Day Tweeting all the best thinkers on Social Media best practices, tools & social marketing.


‘Cuz I’m Happy: When you’re in the mood for a good laugh or a pick me up, these handles will have you giggling or smiling any time of day.

@_youhadonejob Not everybody is blessed with that attention to detail which separates the good from the great. This Twitter account collects examples of those who fail. Hard.

@TheOnion Headlines (and tweets) that are so relatable and hilarious because they’re not just parodying newspapers; they’re parodying all of us all the time.

@EmrgencyKittens For those moments when you need an infusion of cute to get through the day, Emergency Kittens tweets photos of the tiniest, furriest, sweetest baby cats imaginable, is like an IV drip of adorable.

@Charmin As if the hashtag #tweetfromtheseat weren’t awesome enough, the account shares a constant stream of funny Vines, pictures, and jokey tweets.

@pourmecoffee “Funny and/or interesting” in the form of political satire, interesting facts, images, and wry takes on current events and sports.

@SteveMartinToGo Longtime funnyman Steve Martin sure knows how to compose a joke in tweet form.

@ConanOBrienThe late-night host and television funnyman is often topical

Smarty Pants: These twitter handles will make you feel smarter every day, whether you are around the watercooler or dinner table (first date?).

@BBCBreaking Tells you the key point of any breaking news story so that if you’re pressed for time, you will have a general notion of what is happening in the world.

@neiltyson Highly amusing reflections on science and astronomy, as well as observations on space and the role it plays in our lives.

@BillNye “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Alongside his Tweets sharing scientific facts and oddities that are always solid conversation starters.

@HowStuffWorks A team of writers using science, data, research, peer-reviewed studies, and experts as their sources, to show “How Stuff Works” in an easy to read, highly accessible format.

@MuseumModernArt Providing peeks into everyday life at MoMA, as well as news about the contemporary art world in general.

@_grammar_ Nothing teaches you the proper way to do something better than seeing somebody else publicly corrected, so the Grammar Police account is ensuring its followers’ grammar improves Tweet by Tweet.

@openculture Provides links to their site, which centralizes the highest quality free courses (from the world’s leading universities), ebooks, textbooks, films, and audiobooks available on the web, and organizes these resources into easily searchable collections.

@ElectricLit Tweets news about literature and writing, offers reading recommendations, and provides free fiction every Wednesday, along with many other goodies.


Let’s Get It Started In Here: Twitter accounts sharing knowledge, tips and motivation for entrepreneurs and startups.

@Entrepreneur Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

@richardbranson Popular guide & mentor to start-ups and entrepreneurs across the world.

@SmallBizLady  A go-to voice for small businesses. Forbes also ranked Emerson as the Most Influential Woman entrepreneur.

@ericknopf A serial entrepreneur, his Twitter account is a must-follow for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

@GuyKawasaki Blends not only relevant business news but all things interesting into his Twitter account.

@Inc Providing useful business content for all size companies.

@AlleyWatch News, culture and technology property dedicated to the creation and fostering of startups.


Welcome to New York: The best accounts to follow for our fellow new yorkers.

@nyctaxicabtales What do out-of-towners talk about in the privacy of their yellow cabs?

@imchriskelly Chris writes for SNL, Broad City, The Onion, and Funny or Die. In short, he’s hilarious. In long, still hilarious.

@nycscout Nick Carr worked as a movie location scout in NYC, and now he awesomely documents anything and everything in New York on his Twitter.

@jimmyfallon No intro needed.

@juliamoskin Julia Moskin is a New York Times dining reporter. If you’re not sure where to eat tonight, check her last Tweet.

@EverythingNYC It doesn’t produce a whole lot of its own content, but does a great job of linking you up to the World Wide New York City Web.

@NYNightlife Because you know everything that goes on in NYC at all times. And you just follow this Twitter to confirm all of it…

@SeinfeldToday If Seinfeld were on today, this account predicts what the show would feature.


Around The World: Because we all travel, whether for work or pleasure these are some accounts we follow to stay on top of deals or details.

@TheFlightDeal Curated daily travel deals on domestic US flights along with some great international deals thrown in.

@TravelGov Rules and safety information for US travelers overseas including travel tips, weather alerts and other safety alerts.

@NomadicMatt Nomad, vagabond, and NYT best selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matt gives useful tips on all things travel especially on a budget.

@TripIt Provides tips on travel, especially to help keep you organized.

@NatGeoPhotos Stunning photos everyday, what more could you want?

@LandLopers From travel news and foodie travel insights, to tales of luxury travel adventures and everything in between, one thing is certain: Matt knows his stuff.

@LeeAbbamonte Being the youngest American to visit every country in the world, we suspect he knows a thing or two about travel.

@thepointsguy Stay informed on all the points, programs, and rewards that surround travel. He used to be a Wall Street road warrior, traveling up to six months a year, so this is an especially great account to follow for all you business travelers out there.

Are you on the list? Make sure you share! Not on the list of know of some other great handles we should be following? Let us know! Also, we think you should follow us on Twitter for more great stories like this :)


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