Social Media Stats To Share With Your Boss

So what should you be sharing with your boss? As we all know there are so many stats to review and analyze on a day to day basis within our social media platforms. However most of our bosses and supervisors don’t necessarily need to see all the nitty gritty. So we’ve put together the top 5 stats you should be sharing with your boss on a regular basis.

  1. Total Growth: The top number everyone wants to see is your total numbers so always pull together how many likes you have on Facebook, followers on Twitter or Instagram and so on. This number is important but it’s also important to share how you’ve gotten here. In most instances you won’t hit a million followers over night so understanding how well your numbers are increasing over time and organic vs paid.
  2. Increase in Engagement: Engagement is incredibly important but if you constantly get great engagement the number will no longer mean much to your boss. It’s important to take a look at the growth of your engagement and also the tone. If you are getting great engagement but month over month it is increasing and providing a much more positive tone then it can tell your boss a lot more about your efforts than simply staying the same.
  3. “Top” Posts (content, type, time, etc): Pull out the top posts since your last report along with providing what type of posts made up the “top”. Was there a specific type of content (photos, links, etc) or was there a topic that sparked a lot more conversation?
  4. Recent Promotions Results: If you had any special promotions since the last time you provided information to your boss it’s important to call this out. Let them know the top line numbers from the promotion and any top line learnings.
  5. Ad Spend: This is where your social roi really comes in. Not only are you looking at your total ad spend and the results generated from each platform but this is a great way to see what your ROI was for the ads and your social media efforts overall. Take the opportunity to walk through your boss on this one.

We know there are many many more stats and everyone’s team may be focusing on different things but overall these are important to any supervisor. Any social media stats we missed that your team likes to see?


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