Get More out of Twitter


Looking to increase your followers? Wondering how to get more Retweets, Replies and Favorites?

Here are 3 tips to help you get better results on Twitter:

1. Choose the right times to post.

Most analytics companies will tell you to post during lunch and after 5pm, when the workday is over. Instead, we would recommend testing 3-4 different times per day to post and measuring the results. Continuously test different post times, types of post and different keywords in your post to continuously optimize your plans. As your followers grow, your results will likely shift so test, test, test.

2. Don’t just push out content and cross your fingers.

Think about the types of posts. There are 3 main categories of posts: links, images and comments. Consider the outcome you desire and use the appropriate type of post.

Links – Use high quality content to drive traffic to your site and gain new followers and retweets.

Images – Post compelling images to increase engagement with your followers.

Comments – Comments allow you to engage with followers as if you are speaking with them directly.

3. Mention other brands and individuals with their @handle.

If you’re tweeting about a great new lineup from @seanjohn or a great new episode of @DuckDynastyAE, mention their handle in your tweet. This will ensure that they see your post. Hashtags are great, but they will not get you the direct exposure you receive from @mentions.


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