If you are using Twitter for SEO purposes, then you must definitely be finding yourself in a fix. Though Twitter has changed a lot after its IPO, the fact that you need to stick to 140 characters still remains the same. Those who do not understand social media, often feel too caught up with this restriction. However, those who understand that Twitter can turn out to be a powerful tool for expression are able to use this platform for getting leads and ranking higher. Ever since Google has started to include Twitter to its search results, it has become more important for people to pay attention to Twitter as well as Facebook. Take a look at some of the best SEO tips that you should be using this year.

  1. Focus on the first 42 characters- yes, it is the first 42 characters of your tweet that will be included in the Tweet titles and will be becoming the catchiest words that you say. Hence, you should be including your keywords in these characters only and come up with an eye catchy phrase as well. Links can be added after these characters are over.
  2. Write keyword rich tweets- you don’t have to stuff keywords in your tweet. Of course, the tweet will rank higher on Twitter search if you do so, but users will gladly ignore a keyword stuffed tweet and move on to read something that they find useful. Therefore, write keyword rich tweets but make sure that they don’t look artificial. Maintain a clever natural flow.
  3. Take good care of the bio- you get 160 characters for your bio. So you got some great ways to use it for making the most of Twitter. Make sure that you are including all the phrases that mean the most to you and add them in order to relevance. Avoid using too many hashtags. You will be featured on Google with this bio, so make it look awesome.
  4. Choose a username wisely- a username that comes with worthless characters doesn’t count. Your Twitter handle is important in deciding your real ROI. So make sure that you chose a relevant name.

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