4 Thoughts you have when creating Facebook videos for your Brand Page

Facebook videos have been an offering for users and brands alike giving a native functionality to include videos within your Facebook presence. While there are tons of other video platforms you can use, which are often still extremely beneficial to your brand, don’t count out using Facebook videos. When talking about videos we understand the time and effort it might take to produce something even if it is just a short video, but overtime more and more brands are seeing the ROI in Social Media videos. However, you might be thinking…


Thought 1: Why Videos?

“Video is one of the most engaging and immersive ways to tell your story. Whether capturing breaking news, a baby’s first steps, or rising to a friend’s challenge for charity, it is a remarkable storytelling medium.” (The Latest on Facebook Video)

Videos are becoming more and more popular and have become a great way to engage easily with your audience while providing a bigger window into your brand. Not only does it give you the ability to create better branded content and engage with your core users but it gives the users something more and a greater connection with you. Facebook has shown that video videos grew over 50% over last year and 65% of video views were happening on Facebook.


via Facebook


Thought 2: Why do I have to create different video files to have a Facebook Video?

The honest answer is because that’s the game we have to play if we want to do it right and maximize our success (& ROI) on Facebook as well.

In September, with some new features releasing, Facebook released this in an article:

After introducing videos that start playing automatically in News Feed earlier this year, we’ve found that people discover significantly more content with this feature. And when used in combination with our new video views objective, businesses are seeing a significant decrease in cost per view for their Facebook video ads.”


via VentureBeat


If that isn’t enough, VentureBeat broke down the differences and metrics among the various types of video platforms showcasing the Facebook vs YouTube debate in this recent article. Through their study they went to brands to understand what was most important when measuring their video results and at the top of the list was “engagement, shares, conversions, and total time spent watching.” Although YouTube offers great SEO helping to drive views to videos, Facebook provides a much better environment and opportunity for users to engage and share.


via VentureBeat


Thought 3: Where do I even find the analytics for my Facebook Videos?

Once you’ve posted your first video you will certainly want to measure and analyze the results but those analytics look a bit different than your status, link or image posts. However if you are familiar with the insights tool you should easily find them. If not, to see metrics about a video shared from your Page:

  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Posts
  3. Scroll down to All Posts Published
  4. Click the post you want to see metrics about (To easily spot look for the video icon under “type”)
  5. From the Post Details window, click Video


via Ad Week


Thought 4: What do these numbers mean?

There are quite a few metrics you may find the top three to pay attention to are below:

  • Video Views – A view of 3 seconds or more of a video. You can also see the portion of your video views driven by paid advertising.
  • Unique Video Views – The number of people who viewed your video for 3 seconds or more. You can also see the portion of your unique views driven by paid advertising.
  • Average Duration of Video Viewed – The average amount of time people spent viewing your video.




Alright, so now that you have the scoop on Facebook videos, let’s see what you’ve got! And if you need a bit more incentive to get started on your next Facebook Video campaign, we love these engagement tips from Social Media Examiner.