As you may have noticed (unless you’ve been living under a rock), your Facebook feed now has a lot more emotions to it. These “Facebook Reactions” are not only changing how we look at our newsfeed but also how your consumers are engaging with your posts. Sentiment is no longer a guessing game. You can discover how your fans are feeling about every piece of content. While Facebook didn’t release the dislike button, the angry emoji is a the best way to gauge negative sentiment (or just an unhappy consumer).

In the last 4 weeks, users are increasingly using reactions over likes to express emotions on Facebook, jumping over 6% of engagements as of today.

Now for the exciting part: LiftMetrix is the only company to measure ROI based on Facebook reactions and give you a content strategy to optimize individual reactions. You can see Facebook reactions on your individual posts and generate a report to see which post themes are driving positive and negative reactions. Additionally, you can now track sentiment by assigning values to these positive and negative reactions.

LiftMetrix’s social ninjas will even help you optimize for various reactions which will be supremely important when Facebook eventually uses reactions in their algorithm for deciding which posts show up in the news feed. We want to make sure your posts are on top from day one.

Just think about the conclusions you can make from a users response to each piece of content just by understanding if it excited, amused or sadden them. That new announcement you made about your brand, did they love it or did it WOW them? Each of these 6 reactions will give you so much more insight into your audience and your content than a simple like could ever do.

So, now that every brand is discovering new insights with Facebook reactions, what have you learned in the last 4 weeks? Here’s what we’ve learned from our social ninjas:

Results of the past 4 weeks with Facebook Reactions

Key findings after 4 weeks:

  1. Reactions as a percentage of engagements has increased every week (~6% today)
  2. Likes still dominate the percentage of engagements (94%)
  3. Love is by far the most common reaction, followed by Wow
  4. The level of reactions depends on your industry. Publishers and non-profits attract the most reactions.
  5. Users are finally discovering the Angry reaction

Within your LiftMetrix account you can start pulling reports to see how these reactions are stacking up and which one is at the top of your engagements.

Example Report in LiftMetrix

Within LiftMetrix, you can leverage Facebook reactions to:

  1. Assign values to various reactions to track sentiment (+1 for Wow, -1 for Angry)
  2. Filter your Facebook posts to learn which content drives positive and negative reactions
  3. Discover the best posting strategy to target a certain reaction
  4. See how your reactions as a percentage of engagements grows over time

Ready to get started in your account? Here are the two easy steps you need to start taking advantage of this new feature and see the love from your consumers!


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Posted by Jessica Burkhead