By Kristin Calve, VP of Revenue @LiftMetrix

The #alsicebucketchallenge has been a smashing success in terms of participation, virality and fundraising capacity. Here are 5 reasons our team believes this campaign has become such a global phenomenon.

1. The Content – #als is certainly a worthy cause, but it’s the amazing content that’s driving the viral train. Each post is unique, and witty, creative and downright laugh-out-loud funny. People who rarely, if ever, post are going all in on the ice bucket challenge. And the demographics are incredible — from giggling grandmas to cooing infants, A-list celebs to lunch-bucket line workers. In an ugly and dispiriting summer of “no we can’t” suddenly the country is ringing with a full-throated “yes we can!”

2. The Format – Video is an incredibly compelling form of visual communication, especially in short takes like the #icebucketchallenge. And, again, people who may never post or are reluctant to post photos of themselves, are sharing a video of themselves with their entire social network plus the social networks of anyone they may tag/challenge. At least in part, for the icebucket the medium IS the message.

3. The Algorithms – Multiple people are usually tagged in each post, which drives the opportunity for social impressions through the roof. Each post with a tag can gain an exponential audience. In addition, the way the algorithm works on Facebook, the hashtag and high level of engagement on each post is driving almost ALL of the videos to the top of newsfeeds.

4. The Virality – On Twitter, people following the hashtag, including many celebrities, are driving the challenge viral. News reports about blooper videos and celebrity stunts are triggering wave upon wave of driving clicks, likes, shares and comments.

5. The Psychology – Watching video after video appear at the top of your newsfeed can be addictive. Indeed, at a certain point you can start to feel left out. Many of us were proud to have been challenged (and to have accepted and met the challenge) before “cool kids” like David Beckham, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, et ilk. The fact that the challenges are delivered by video makes them more personal than email chains or simply tagging people in posts. You’ve been called out publicly, and now you’ve got to figure out who to name next!

As of the publishing of this post, #als had raised $53.3M from the existing supporters and 1.1M new donors. We at LiftMetrix congratulate all the donors and participants who have met the challenge. You can read more about the challenge here, and you can make donations directly online at the ALS Website.


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