Top Reasons to use LiftMetrix with Social Media Ad Buying Tools

Get better results from your ad campaigns with LiftMetrix Segmenting tools and Analytics

Deliver Highly Targeted Ads

Use the Segment tool to create customized lists and deliver highly targeted ads to your followers.

Evaluate and Test Individual Posts

Test different headlines & photos on Facebook, Twitter & other outlets and identify most highly engage posts for boosting.

Track Performance Across Multiple Channels

Discover which of your social media platforms are performing best and improve engagement across weaker outlets.

Post Recomendtaions

Continue to drive revenue, audience & engagement organically with daily targets for posts, fan adds, link clicks and more.

Competitive Intelligence

Identify keywords that are trending among the competition and leverage that knowledge into stronger posts.

Track Your ROI on Social Media

Find out your ROI from social media in dollars and maximize your content development resources.