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Evaluate each platform based on sales revenue and find opportunities to optimize your content strategy and ads.

Customized Sales Plan

Receive daily recommendations for frequency & types of content that will drive e-commerce revenue.

Measure Return on Sales

Discover which social media channels deliver the most revenue for you.

Detailed Sales Reports

Quickly send reports to C-level suite that explain which actions helped drive sales for that week.


Track E-Commerce

Track sales from Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, web analytics and more in one dashboard.

Filter Posts by Sales

Identify your most profitable posts and find out exactly what makes them successful.

Benchmark by Sales

Benchmark your social media ROI against other marketing channels to optimize marketing budgets.

Segment Profitable Fans

Find out which users help you drive sales & buy ads directly against them.

Competitor Analysis

Track engagement & audience growth of your competitors and what they are talking about.

Customizable ROI

Define your ROI to measure more than just sales and include your acquisition costs.

  • "LiftMetrix helped me calculate my social media ROI and gain insights that would otherwise require a data team."

    Greg Moran- CEO of ZoomCar

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