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We're your social media data scientist - analyzing data, explaining performance, and providing recommendations.

Targeted Game Plan

Daily content recommendations that drive customer acquisition, sales, and engagement.

Know Your ROI

Detailed view into your ROI broken down by social network and piece of content.

Plain-English Reporting

Share with executives how your social media actions drove overall business objectives.


Track ROI by Channel

Discover whether Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms drive most value for you.

Identify Top Posts

Calculate ROI at a post level whether bookings, site traffic, or engagement is the end goal.

Benchmark Platforms

Optimize how you allocate resources and time to each social network to drive the highest ROI.

Identify Profitable Fans

Discover which users are likely to be customers and target them with social ads.

Competition Analysis

Track competitors engagement and content in real-time so you are never left in the dark.

Customizable ROI

Customize your ROI method to align with how you measure ROI across all your marketing channels.

  • "LiftMetrix helped me calculate my social media ROI and gain insights that would otherwise require a data team."

    Greg Moran- CEO of ZoomCar

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