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Real-time social media plans for Beauty and Fashion marketers

Evaluate and drive brand engagement and sales from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.

Your Own Game Plan

Receive recommendations for types of posts and product stories that drive engagement and sales.

Discover Your ROI

Measure your ROI in dollars and cents across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Plain-English Reports

Built to inform executives how social media impacts overall core business objectives.


Track Brand Exposure

Track all your engagement and sales from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Filter Posts by ROI

Discover which posts are the most profitable or engagement and the reasons why.

Benchmark ROI

Figure out how best to spend your marketing budgets across social media.

Filter by Potential Leads

Find out which users are likely to be customers & purchase ads against them.

Analyze Competitors

Track what products your competitors are talking about that drives most engagement.

Define Your Own ROI

Customize your ROI to measure your engagement, customer acquisition, and sales.

  • "LiftMetrix helped me calculate my social media ROI and gain insights that would otherwise require a data team."

    Greg Moran- CEO of ZoomCar

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