Five Simple Ways to Improve Twitter Engagement

We must admit we’ve been so focused on everything else, including our new website, version 2.0 and our recent integration with HootSuite that we haven’t put much focus on Twitter.  Now that we are full steam ahead we are back at it and thought we would share some simple techniques we have been using to boost our followers and increase engagement:

    1. Personality in your content can go a long way. Being personable, adding some sass and humor will get people to follow and engage. Use your copy as the voice of your brand and your followers will not only feel they can relate but also want to talk to you. Some simple changes could help you stand out in the clutter of information!
    2. Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags! Need we say more? Well we will :) Hashtags can help you categorize your brand and your message whether it is related to your products, services, etc and add value to say what you are offering your audience. Not only does it help your followers engage but it will help you appear in other related conversations happening on Twitter.
    3. Add Images to your copy. Including a visual that users can’t scroll past will encourage them to interact through a RT, reply or click. Just make sure that image is related to your content so you are driving quality interactions.
    4. Use actionable words so that users know what you want them to do. This is especially important when thinking about what your objective is, such as click for a free trial, download now, etc. Twitter has even stated that using actionable words will increase clicks by 13 percent on average.
    5. Check the Time! Most audiences are more engaged and active at nights and on weekends so watch your audience and tweet when they are watching.  There are lots of great tools (including LiftMetrix) that will give you valuable metrics to ensure you are engaging when your target audience is watching.


What tips or tricks do you use to jump start your engagement?

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