As we wrap up the first quarter of 2016, some marketing trends are already starting to stand out. Not only did we see a few things at #swsx (that post coming soon) but we are seeing trends pop up across the board. We thought we’d share the 6 trends we think you will see more of this year and you should be on top of with your own marketing:


1). Mobility Mindset

It may have been the hot new things a couple years ago but now mobile is standard. If you haven’t figured out your consumers are mobile first, then you are missing the target altogether. At a minimum, this means a mobile-optimized and responsive website, and may include custom apps and mobile-targeted campaigns. The frontrunners have already moved on to other things; mobile can’t be put off for another year.

A connected world means people’s expectations for immediacy and relevancy are at an all-time high.  Multi-screen campaigns can no longer support a “one size fits all” mentality or consumer experience. Successful marketers will need to create personalized campaigns based on audience profiles or usage to engage consumers for maximum content and relevancy.  Designing more customized screen experiences (inclusive of native advertising, shorter form or interactive content), blended with Smart Data will deliver a better, more personalized consumer-centric experience designed with mobile in mind.

2). Live Video Streams

Has anyone else been getting those notifications on Facebook that pages they like are streaming videos? Yup it’s already happening and many top brands have jumped on board. Live Video streams capitalize on a person’s desire for real-time, front-row access to “can’t miss moments.

If you want to engage with millennials, video is a must-have marketing tactic; they prefer to find entertainment and education on YouTube over conventional channels like television. Snapchat, YouTube, gifs, Vine, and more are being consumed at a rapid rate. Streaming video takes this to the next level, and platforms like Periscope and Blab have put interactive live video into the hands of anyone with a smartphone. The next year will see video continue to shine and streaming move to the forefront of marketing, with innovative new campaigns that allow consumers to be the stars. Marketers will get in on the action in 2016 by leveraging opportunities to align their brand with live-streamed content, with many approaching this as a period of experimentation.

3). Social ROI

Well if you know anything about us, then you should have seen this one coming. But it’s not just us, marketing teams across the board have stopped seeing social media for those vanity metrics and have started expecting to see the bottom line. In addition they aren’t just looking at big data but wanting smart data. It’s the only way to translate the trendy “Big Data” into actual value for your business. As advanced analytics and intuitive data visualizations come online, Smart Data will begin to come into its own as the driver of fully personalized and actionable insights. As a result, we will see more advanced targeting strategies from marketers, shifting to signal-based segments that incorporate intent and other behavioral indicators. Within LiftMetrix, recommendations are given based on content driving the best ROI among other things to give you easy to read, smart data.

4). Personalized Experiences & Content

As mention above, there is no longer a “one size fits all” in the grand scheme of marketing, as the rules of personalization are changing for each type of inbox and device. Simply creating content is not enough anymore as consumers expect more to be shown more relevant content and will also expect brands to know more about them in the course of social interactions.

5). Interactive Brand Storytelling

It may sounds like a broken record, but content is still king (we know)—even more so given the deterioration of interruptive tactics. But context and personalization, as mentioned above, is a stronger factor than ever.  Storytelling is key to draw consumers in while keeping them engaged as people are not mere spectators to brands anymore. They are demanding personalized content that tells them a story allowing them to get involved. Think in the form of mini-series or breaking your content into parts to organize over a time-period building anticipation as you create a narrative and give breaks in between. Just keep in mind the whole story when creating great content and remember your audience will remember and react to a great story.

6). Advocate and Influencer Marketing

It’s easier than ever to find advocates of your brand, and marketing to them will help build your brand. It’s still true that people are more likely to buy based off a friend or review so leverage those who may give you those kind words. With no decline in sight for the importance of good content, the next year will see greater focus on bringing influencers on board for more organic marketing.


Data (Read: Results) Will Be an Overarching Theme. It isn’t enough to think you should do it; feel good marketing is over. CEOs, CMOs, and every other influencer in the C-suite will look to marketers for data before, during, and after campaigns to validate return on their marketing investments.  Focusing on the customer, delivering value, and making decisions based on data as well as good ideas are the same currents that have carried successful marketers for decades. What’s new is the creativity and innovation needed to deliver that value to your customers when and where they need it. That’s a wrap from our thoughts but let us know if there are any other hot trends you think may pop up or things to avoid. We’ve seen a few floating around and would love to hear your thoughts as well!

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Posted by Jessica Burkhead