Last week we shared an infographic and statistics surrounding Snapchat, so we thought we may share reasons why your brand may want to get started or add this platform to your marketing mix.

Currently Snapchat has a young demographic that is incredibly attentive. With it’s unique features, this platform allows it’s users and brands to be able to match the “post” type based on content, such as videos vs photos and text vs doodles, etc. Due to the disappearing nature, users are more likely to focus and pay attention when they tap the snap. All of these features provided a proven engaged user base, unlike a tweet or Facebook post that could easily get lost in the clutter.


GrubHub.com used Snapchat to look for an intern with “Snapchat Skillz.”

In addition to an attentive audience, short snaps can take exclusivity to a whole new level. Think about how stoked you are to see photos of behind the scenes or a coupon code from your favorite brand on Facebook. With Snapchat your behind the scenes photos happen during the shoot and before a user may even know you were shooting (Commercials, music videos, office parties, etc). Also, coupons may appear on your phone exclusive to you instead of hundreds of your friends sharing the same code across Facebook.


MTV uses the platform to share clips from shows, messages from stars and have even used it to announce award nominees in the past

Finally, stories and discovery tools allow for mass reach “organically”. Obviously, content is always king but using stories can help you put your best content in a place that tells the story of your brand to many users. Put together multiple snaps, make it personal and put it out there for users to discover you and relate to your brand. Get personal, ask questions and use your creativity to create a story that makes users watch and engage with your brand.


Taco Bell was one of the first to begin using Snapchat and has since been incredibly active and engaging.

So, with the overcrowded marketplace in the social sphere it may be time to join the 1% and take your brand’s marketing mix to the next level.

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Posted by Jessica Burkhead

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