Earlier this week, Twitter announced that LiftMetrix integrated Twitter’s new Engagement API into its platform. This means that Twitter Premium customers receive 16 new data points such as true impressions, link clicks, video views and mobile app installs. LiftMetrix is excited to provide improved ROI measurement and content recommendations on Twitter data, with this new data set.

We find the engagement API to be incredibly powerful as the Engagement API provides powerful and flexible access to impressions and granular engagement data for Tweets from owned accounts. This new Twitter data will help brands better understand the performance of their organic content so they can measure and improve their marketing efforts on Twitter. Get programmatic access to impression and engagement data for owned organic Tweets. Key features from Twitter:


Measure Content Performance

Access to quick at a glance metrics about your performance with current totals for impression and engagements.

Optimize Content Creation

Calculate an engagement rate to compare content and determine what resonates best with your audience.

Benchmark and Trend Analysis

Go back year over year to understand historical performance benchmarking and trends.


Twitter worked with a small group of select companies during the pre-launch beta period but this announcement now makes the data available to all LiftMetrix customers. The new metrics strengthen the LiftMetrix ROI measurement capabilities, campaign analytics, natural language insights and daily recommendations.


Now for the more exciting part, with the integration, you will know the actual number of times a tweet was viewed and every engagement for each individual organic tweets. There is no more guesswork needed but actual metrics for all of your Twitter content moving forward especially current aggregate totals of impressions, engagements, replies, retweets and favorites.

With these powerful metrics your Social ROI can be calculated carefully allowing you more optimized insights and strategies from your LiftMetrix account. These powerful data points will empower your recommendations and insights moving forward. If you don’t have a LiftMetrix account yet, get in touch for a demo to see these awesome insights!



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Posted by Jessica Burkhead