Each week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features emerging on every platform. Here are LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from this week.

1. 19 Facebook Marketing Predictions for 2017 From the Pros

2017 will be a year we expect to see a large number of changes to Facebook. These changes will alter the way brands use the platform for advertising and how consumers engage with their favorite brands. Some changes we will see in 2017 include messenger videos that resemble snapchat technology, customer service initiatives through Facebook messenger and live videos building brand awareness and loyalty. These predictions are just a few social media pros have predicted for the platform in 2017. -Via Lisa D. Jenkins in SocialMediaExaminer

2. What Does the Future of Mobile Marketing Look Like?

The future of mobile marketing is foreseeable and advertisers have a basic understanding of what to expect in the coming years. A few predictions experts expect include an increased use of wearable tech, virtual and augmented reality advertising, the use of bots instead of human interaction and AI automated decision making. These trends in mobile marketing will influence the way advertisers create marketing strategies for the most effective campaigns possible. - Via Alex Johnson in JeffBullas

3. How to Prove the Value of Social Media to Your CMO

A presence on social media can be necessary for the companies success, however some are unable to see the value of social media. That makes it your job to present why social media is so crucial for your companies marketing success. Be sure to translate how social contributes to revenue, the ROI of your social campaign and how people perceive your brand. - Via Emily Copp in Hootsuite

4. 5 Ways to Use Snapchat to Grow Your Business

The use of social media advertising is quickly escalating, with the worlds top brands using social platforms to reach their customers on a global and more interactive scale. Snapchat, one of the latest and fastest growing social platforms is expected to be the next social marketing hotspot. Brands can utilize the app to connect with their audience and create lasting impressions. -Via Candice Galek in SocialMediaToday

5. How to Create an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy in 2017

2017 is upon us and brands are eager to see marketing success on their social platforms. As society becomes more involved with the use of social platforms brands are beginning to integrate their marketing strategies with social platforms. Some tips to create a successful social media strategy this year include setting goals that align with your company’s objectives and to break down your social tasks according to your goals. - Via Spencer Lanoue in Buffer

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Posted by Morgan