Every week there are a number of articles written about social media and the latest trends and features that are emerging on every platform. Here were LiftMetrix’s top 5 favorite articles from last week

1. How Millennials Are Changing The Way Brands Market

It may seem easy to run a successful business, but it isn’t that simple. The Millennial generation has thrown of the entire system of advertisements, this generation can directly see through traditional marketing schemes and ads. It is so important to to not ignore the Millennial consumer, especially since they make up almost half of the population. This article provides a few ways that companies have been winning the Millennial marketing game, by applying these principles you can greatly benefit your brands marketing efforts. – via Martin Jones in socialmediatoday.

2. 28 Experts Reveal The Top Content Marketing Trends For 2017

Content marketing is an extremely hot topic among marketers, this article is a great way to stay on top of the latest content marketing trends from 28 experts who have influenced and mastered the art of content marketing. – via Michael Brenner in marketinginsidergroup.

3. Facebook is testing a way to live broadcast Snapchat-like filters

Facebook has been the leading platform, with 1.7 billion people using this social network every month. Facebook has now created a new feature that was just a beta and can match the styles of artists using a technique called style transfer. This feature uses a neural network to transform whatever the camera is seeing into the work style of a famous artist. These filters aren’t available in Facebook Live videos so for now Snapchat is still the leading platform for live filters. – via Mike Murphy in qz.

4. 3 Often Overlooked Digital Marketing Truths

The digital marketing landscape has been moving so quickly that it gets difficult for anyone to keep up. With all of the noise it is important to get clarity on some elements because there is no perfect “one size fits all” ansfer for brands. By following these digital marketing truths, you can stay close to the core element to help you succeed as a brand. – via Andrew Hutchinson in socialmediatoday.

5. 7 Ways Snap Could Break Open Social Media in 2017

Snapchat has recently changed its name to Snap, subtly redefining the way they want to be placed in the social media realm. By looking at all of the developments it is hard to tell what could possibly come next. This article provides some predictions on new Snap features that could revolutionize social media in 2017. – via Jayson Demers in entrepreneur.

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Posted by Sheena