Last week, LiftMetrix launched our latest blog series to recap our recent webinar: “2016 in Review and Social Trends for 2017”. The first two posts addressing how the Media Publishing industry and Hospitality industry created social campaigns to drive business objectives in 2016. The first post, which highlights Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, can be viewed by clicking here and the second highlighting Hilton and Marriott by clicking here.

In this series’ third post, we will analyze ow brands in the Services industry have successfully driven business objectives through their social strategies, particularly on Pinterest. In this segment, we featured UPS and FedEx.

We compiled a list of a few business objectives companies within the Services Industry wish to accomplish on social, they include driving quote requests and generating form submissions and email collection. Best practices these brands are using on Pinterest to accomplish these objectives include pins from the community, infographics and links to drive to site.

Research conducted by Experian Marketing Services shows that Pinterest, more than Facebook or YouTube, is supplying the greatest percentage of its downstream traffic to retail sites. Pinterest at 10.9% vs. Facebook at 5.3%

We took our analyst of the Service Industry by comparing the social presence of UPS and FedEx on Pinterest.

UPS Pinterest is mostly made up of their own content, which drives users back to their site, with product description pages as well as services and initiatives they support. These features are optimized to drive business objectives on their site.

Once on the UPS site users are given multiple options such as form submissions, learn more and videos. When clicking on a pin from UPS’ Pinterest page we are taken to page for Veteran Franchise Opportunities, where they are accomplishing several potential key business objectives including registrations, form submissions, video views and page views.

Next we took a look at UPS competitor, FedEx. FedEx does a great job interacting with users on their community page. On their community page you will find posts from FedEx and Pinterest users. Including users in your community does a great job creating interaction between the brand and its customers.

Pins located on the FedEx Pinterest drive users to their webpage where users can learn more about offerings, request a quote or view videos.

FedEx and UPS both do a great job of optimizing their Pinterest to help accomplish their business objectives. We found that including posts from other users on your community creates more user engagement. More user engagement could create an increase in the number of users that are redirected to the company site, which increases page views and helps drive a company’s business goals.

Stay tuned for our next post in this blog series, which will analyze how the Services Industry is using Pinterest to drive business objectives. In the meantime, you can download the “2016 in Review and Social Trends for 2017” presentation by clicking here, or you can view the presentation recording by clicking here.

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Posted by Morgan