LiftMetrix recently presented a webinar providing a social recap of the teams, sports and sponsors at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Below is a recap of the Olympic winners on social as presented in the webinar, which can be downloaded by clicking here or viewed by clicking here. This is the first of a three part series, with part two featuring social best practices and part three focusing on how these social performances can be tied to business objectives.

Top Olympic Nations on Social

During the Olympics (August 5 - 21, 2016), national teams captured over 40 Million engagements (likes, shares, comments, retweets across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on their published social content. Here are the top Olympic countries by social engagement:

Broken out by social platform, we saw more teams move up in the ranking, with Great Britain coming out on top on Facebook and Jamaica scoring the bronze. Malaysia scored the bronze on Twitter and Canada on Instagram.

Top Team USA Sports on Social

Taking a deeper dive into Team USA’s individual sports teams, USA Gymnastics and USA Basketball topped the ranking, with USA Volleyball scoring the bronze. These three sports also scored in the top three among the individual social platforms, with USA Swimming making an appearance in the Twitter ranking as seen below.

Top Olympic Sponsors on Social

NBC Olympics and Nike were the clear social winners among Team USA sponsors, with NBC Olympics receiving nearly 46 million social actions on their posts published throughout the course of the Olympics, almost 10x more than Nike at 4.9 million.

Taking a look at the worldwide sponsors for the Rio Olympics, Samsung wins gold with 2 million social actions followed by Omega Watches and McDonald’s.

Stay tuned for the second post in this three part series on the social strategies that drove these top performers’ success. In the meantime, you can download the full presentation by clicking here or view it by clicking here.

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