In this third installment of LiftMetrix’s blog series recapping our “Is Social Driving Your Business Objectives?” webinar, we are going to analyze how QSRs can drive business objectives based off their social strategy on Pinterest. The previous two posts in the series focused on how business objectives can be driven by Media Publishers through Facebook, and by Retailers through Instagram. For this post, as in our webinar, we will dive into Panera and Chipotle’s social strategies on Pinterest below.

On Pinterest timelines, it’s not only just a brand’s original content that can be pinned - the social platform gives brands the chance to build a community by repinning other users’ recipes, ideas and inspirations, especially those that relate back to the brand. Looking at Panera’s Pinterest page below, you can see that they consistently pinned their own original content as well as other Pinterest users’ pins that tied back to the food and cuisine that Panera serves in their restaurants.

So we went ahead and clicked on one of their original pins on their page above - the chicken sandwich. This pin leads us to goes to a dedicated site called Panera at Home, which all of the QSR’s Pinterest pins also drive to.

On the site page above that the pin linked to, there are several ways that Panera can accomplish business objectives: increase video views from the video tutorial of how to make the sandwich, email address captures for Panera to build out their contact base from the Send Me This Meal Idea link, increased page views from social shares the links to more recipes that users can explore. This example shows that Panera has optimized their digital presence for conversions, enabling them to track how social is driving recipe shares, saves and other articles views from users that are coming to their website from social.

Now, let’s take a look at Chipotle’s Pinterest page below.

Like Panera, Chipotle also did a great job with pinning original content which drove to an optimized site, which can be seen below. On Chipotle’s site page that the pin links to, users are encouraged to share the recipes to capture email addresses, pin and click on various recipes to in order for Chipotle to keep user on their site and increase page views. Chipotle also employs several different ways to capture user information by including various forms at the bottom of their site page which allow the user subscribe to their newsletter, figure out their location and provide their phone number to receive updates.

Though both of these QSRs are driving back to their site to increase user conversions, especially with Chipotle capturing the form submissions on their site pages. However, Chipotle’s 8K community base is much lower than Panera’s at 45K, presenting the opportunity for Chipotle to build out their community and brand loyalty. Panera has focused time and effort pinning other users’ content driving back to their brand; while Chipotle, particularly recently, has only posted their own original content.

Stay tuned for the next post in this blog series which will show how Financial Services brands are using Twitter to drive business objectives. In the meantime, you can download the “Is Social Driving Your Business Objectives?” presentation by clicking here, or you can view the presentation recording by clicking here.

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Posted by Kara