Social Media Management,
Social ROI & Recommendations

LiftMetrix has partnered with Hootsuite, the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, to bring powerfully smart social analytics to the Hootsuite dashboard.

Instantly access your ROI and recommendations based on your social media investment

A World of Data Intelligence at Your Fingertips

1 ROI Measurement

Discover which posts drive revenue, engagement or downloads. LiftMetrix tracks your goals, and reports your exact return so you can optimize and grow.

2 Social Insights

LiftMetrix applies layers of data intel by not only collecting the numbers for you, but telling you what the data means - and how you should act on it.

3 Data-driven posting

Post content based on what actually drives conversions. With features like Tagging, you can drive traffic based on content type as well as real return.

4 Post Benchmarking

Benchmark the performance of your posts based on the goals you set. Track your paid, organic, and website results all in one place, giving you better insight into how your content delivers.

Existing   customer?

ROI measurement capabilities and custom recommendations that amplify your results across both paid and organic media. LiftMetrix extends your publishing and engagement capabilities to include ROI-focused analytics and recommendations.

We love the fact that we can track the ROI of every post based on our own methodology, tag our content based on themes and receive recommendations that we can act on, all in one dashboard.
Jared Smith, Growth and Engagement, BarkBox

LiftMetrix provides a customized social media game plan inside of Hootsuite's industry-leading social relationship platform...

ROI Calculation

The LiftMetrix ROI machine translates your social metrics into dollars and cents. Managers can evaluate which social networks and content perform the best.

Plain-Text Insights

Pragmatic and digestible, LifMetrix’s plain-English insights explain why your social content has performed well or poorly.


An easy-to-use post tagging system allows marketers to segment and filter their content based on themes that perform the best across posts and ads.


Custom recommendations are designed to provide a specific social game plan for your social manager to follow.

Competitor Benchmarks

An extensive competitor benchmarking tool enables you to track your competitors’ activity.

Post Previewer

An algorithm estimates the reach and engagement for all of your custom content.

Hootsuite is excited to add LiftMetrix to the App Directory ecosystem. By combining LiftMetrix’s powerful ROI capabilities and recommendations engine with Hootsuite’s engagement and publishing capabilities, customers are not only presented with actionable insights that inform their social strategy but are also empowered to take action from the Hootsuite dashboard.
Kevin Zellmer, Global Director of Enterprise Business Development, Hootsuite

Don't Just Manage Social.
Own It.

The integration of LiftMetrix and Hootsuite represents a broad leap forward in social ROI. Together with Hootsuite's powerful relationship management feature, LiftMetrix delivers the real story behind your social analytics.

Posting isn't enough anymore.

Just posting on social isn't going to get you to your goals. And rising above every other company trying to attract visitors isn't a game most companies can win without a solid competitive advantage.

LiftMetrix is your advantage.

  • Calculate the real return on your social media investment.
  • Amplify your insights across paid and organic media.
  • Preview your posts and estimate your reach and engagement.
  • Benchmark your competitors and model their success.
  • Receive valuable insights and recommendations based on your performance.
  • Create custom tags for your content to track which types perform the best.
  • Nothing to install. Get started in minutes.