What Are My Daily Recommendations?


This portion of the platform, found on the “Recommendations” Page, will provide you with a daily game plan for Facebook posting, buying Facebook Ads and tweeting.

Since the LiftMetrix platform understands your brands objectives on social media (ROI), we can provide a game plan that seeks to grow your ROI on a daily basis. We analyze the past 60 days, search for the best performing days, posts, times, content, tags, etc. and then running a utility based optimization algorithm on the data.

These recommendations are offered so that you can optimize your social presence. Depending on the pre-disclosed goals of the brand, we will recommend a social strategy that will work towards those goals. For example, for an e-commerce company that is looking to get their fans off Facebook and onto their site, we will likely recommend more link posts to drive site traffic.

Follow the Recommendations to grow your ROI!

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