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“The Single Most Important Social Media Marketing Metric”

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“Five Steps to Measuring Your Social Media ROI”

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Why Cool: LiftMetrix addresses the need for better understanding of social marketing ROI. It offers the ability to track your brand’s performance from first activity across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social sites through Google Analytics to see audience engagement and conversion activity. By applying internal company metrics, ad buying rates and other data, the tool calculates the return generated by posts, ads or content in near-real time; clients can see what’s generating the desired outcomes in terms of likes, shares, engagement, conversions or other metrics.

As Featured in VentureBeat

“LiftMetrix Launches 2.0 Because Social Marketers
Want To Know Where Their Money Is Going”

Social Media Examiner “5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Ad Campaigns”

See Tip #5 “Track Campaign Results to Verify Success” – With a targeted effort, you can effectively learn where to invest your resources to maximize your return on social media marketing. Each like, retweet, photo view, click, comment, favorite or share means something. There’s value for the brand, and LiftMetrix tracks that value in easy-to-read charts.