Month: April 2016


Our Favorite Social Media Quotes From #SMMW16

Our brains are still buzzing from being at #SMMW16 in San Diego and If you didn’t attend, then you missed out on our amazing hoop contest, never ending social media quotes and some great content of course. Don’t worry, we’ve...

/ April 26, 2016

The Era of Social Media Vanity Metrics is Over

It’s an amazing time to be a Social Media Marketer. A constant stream of new channels to communicate with your customers and millions of data points are in your arsenal. More data points is always a good thing, right? More...

/ April 13, 2016

Maximizing ROI and Office Productivity

At LiftMetrix, we are in the business of ROI. At the office, we maximize productivity from the tools and resources that we have…everything from our morning coffee to our desk setup. With that in mind, picture the fun our engineering...

/ April 8, 2016